Enterprise Contract Management Software.

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    Contract Management Software Solutions
    The Way You Always Wanted it.

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    Ease of Use
    Fast and easy contracting via Outlook/CRM integrated request portals, pre-configured templates, pre-configured workflows, version control, redline visibility and integrated e-signature
    Seamless Integration

    Bi-directional integration with external systems like  Salesforce® CRM,  MS Outlook®, MS Word®, ERPs, CPQs and BI tools for faster and efficient contracting and performance analysis.

    Visibility & Control

    Centralized repository for all contract types and associated documents including legacy or third-party contracts with free text/metadata search with user comprehensive audit tracking

    Scalable & Secure

    Uses Amazon AWS for easy deployment and un-compromised contract data security which also helps collaboration within organization as well as with external parties.

    What’s Your CLM Priority?

    Ultria Contract Management Software has Solutions for Every Stage of your Contract Transformation Journey

    Faster Contracting

    Accelerated contract creation, negotiation and approval

    Secured Repository

    Secured contract storage, search and compliance tracking

    Risk Management

    Optimum contract utilization and contract risk management

    Intelligent Analytics

    AI capabilities for contract metadata extraction and analysis

    Discover the Future of Contract Management with Ultria CLM

    Auto-tagging for clause comparison & drafting

    Real-time view of critical contract information

    Metadata extraction for post-award compliance

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    Ultria - Digital Contract Management Software

    No to Paperwork.
    Yes to Smarter Work.

    Ultria’s robust contract management solutions help enterprises boost company performance & mitigate obligation and compliance-related risks through effective contract lifecycle management.

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    See Ultria CLM in action – from Contract Request, Authoring, Redlining & Review and Digital Signature, to Post-Sign including Obligation, Risk & Compliance Management.

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