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Can we define access controls & permissions?

Yes, you can define access controls basis multiple parameters including role, seniority, department, function, etc.

Can we restrict access to confidential contracts?

Ultria’s solution allows for user-defined access controls that ascertain that confidential contracts are visible and accessible by authorized employees only.

What is the typical timeline to implement Ultria CLM?

Average deployment cycle from initial project kick-off to go-live of our solution can range between 12-18 weeks.

What are the software integrations currently supported with Ultria CLM?

Ultria CLM offers integrations across CRM systems like Salesforce, Microsoft Outlook, MS Word, ERP systems, etc.

Is the entire contract portfolio managed in the cloud?

Yes, the entire contract portfolio is managed on cloud, through a single integrated, centralized contract repository.

Is contract data secured with end-to-end encryption?

Yes, Ultria CLM provides fool-proof security with end-to-end encryption of contract data.

Can we ensure all contracts cover compliance policies and any new regulations?

Ultria CLM solution is constantly updated with any changes or updates to the existing regulations. It then identifies all older and legacy contracts in the centralized repository and automatically updates them with any new or updated regulations to ensure they stay compliant.

Does it store contract audit history details?

Yes, Ultria CLM stores and archives contract audit history details for future referencing.

Enterprise Contract Management. Simplified.

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Integrate with Enterprise Solutions

Ultria Contract Management Software integrates seamlessly with the CRM, ERP and BI tools to provide end-to-end contract management

Scale with Your Business

Ultria’s Contract Management Solution is SaaS-deployed and easily scalable. Manage the entire contract portfolio on secured AWS cloud.

Deploy Easily and Quickly

Ultria Contract Management Solution can be up and running in a matter of weeks, improving your Line-of-Business (LoB) performance.

FAQ Section

Why do we need to invest in contract management solution?

Lack of visibility into ever-changing regulations and complex contracts are putting companies at a higher risk of non-compliance, leading to large monitory and reputation losses. The ability to manage the process of contracting (regardless of contract domains) enables organizations to have a consistent yet confident means of trusting the representation of information that is a fundamental aspect of any organization and remaining risk-free.

What type of contracts can the tool automate?

Ultria’s AI powered solution can automate all contract domains including Procurement, Sales, Intellectual Property, HR related agreements, Business Partnerships, and Channel Management.

How does integration help reduce contract turnaround time?

Integration helps stakeholders access contracts and initiate contract requests through multiple platforms most convenient to them, rather than having to log into a specific application to access any contract related information. For e.g. New requests can be generated by several modalities such as Internal Request Portal, Outlook Request Portal, and CRM (Salesforce) Request Portal.

How does AI help in Contract Management?

AI facilitates analysing and identifying key contract information and assists in drafting, routing, reporting, and tracking of contract data.

AI also ensures consistency and accuracy in tagging of information related to a contract type and specific items that are useful in handling of contractual documents and information.

How is Ultria CLM and Orbit different from others?

Orbit is a set of Artificial Intelligence capabilities that streamlines and automates tagging, analysis, and movement of contracts throughout your contract management process.

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