Self-Service Contract Authoring
With Ultria CLM

Ultria’s Contract Management Software (CLM) embraces the full contract lifecycle from request to renewal, authoring to approvals and contract execution through to operationalization and contract value monetization.

Our SaaS deployed solution scales to meet requirements from mid-size companies to large global enterprises.

Ease of Access:

From Intake Portals, Outlook Request Forms and CRM Integrations, Ultria makes generating standard agreements and requesting contract reviews as simple as drag and drop.

Ease of Adoption:

From automatic version control, redline visibility and transparent workflows to built-in support for MS Word, Saleforce and ERPs, Ultria allows your team to use familiar interfaces, while ensuring compliance.

Global usage and support:

Ultria supports contract text in any Unicode format and over 19 non-English languages for its user interface. Product Support from our global center, or through local partners is just a click away.

    We help you exercise better control over contracts

    Manage contracts at scale while reducing turnaround time, centralizing storage, mitigating risks, and maximizing return on your contract assets.

    Easy to Initiate and Draft Your Contracts

    Intake Request


    Easy to use contract request portal for non-legal users.

    1. Empowers non-legal teams to start a contract request via any browser
    2. Drives awareness of and transparency to the contract processes
    3. AI guided prompts throughout
    4. Extends to Outlook and Popular CRM platforms to let users keep their familiar interfaces while adopting CLM best practices.

    Contract Authoring


    Self-service and AI guided authoring simplifies drafting complex contracts. Templates and clauses are extended seamlessly to MS Word.

    1. Automated template suggestions based on contract type.
    2. Access to standardized template and clause library
    3. Support for third party documents.

    Contract Review and Negotiation

    Get quicker turnaround times – internally or externally, and reduce the risk on every contract review.

    1. Automated and ad-hoc workflows to review and negotiate contracts.
    2. AI guided risk identification.
    3. Access to standardized template and clause library.
    4. Transparency and visibility with redlining, versioning, and audit trails.

    Ultria CLM + AI Advantage

    Applied Artificial Intelligence throughout Ultria CLM enhances the user experience while mitigating risks throughout the entire lifecycle.

    AI Guide for faster and risk-free Authoring

    • Support for loading external agreements as part of the intake process.
    • Suggestions on alternative, missing and fallback clauses.
    • Extract and populate metadata from 3rd party contracts quickly and

    The impact of AI-powered contract authoring on the legal industry is immense. CLM technologies integrated with AI are the future and organizations need to open up to the possibilities that AI offers as it will enhance the efficiency of legal departments and make them more productive than their predecessors.

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