Performance Benefits

E-signatures are a huge boon in a globally interconnected and dispersed ecosystem. UltriaSign take digital signatures up a notch, powered by proven workflow engine, and world-class contracting expertise.

Increase Conversion Rates Digitally signing a  document is much easier than doing by hand. For  that reason, any deal that can be signed  electronically will have a higher conversion rate.
You can use UltriaSign to send prompts,  reminders, and personalized messages powered  by document tracking – prompting stalled actors.  And if they forward your materials to other team  members, you can reach out to these relevant  contacts.
UltriaSign includes workflow tracking to give  information about each document that has been  sent out. How long its been out, Who has signed,  When they signed, and Where they Signed –plus  Who is left to sign.
Improve Stakeholder Management Six people are involved, on average, in  any decision-making process. When multiple stakeholder are looking at  your agreements, electronic signature technology can help identify decision  makers based on metrics like total time reading or key pages.

As the final decision gets closer, individuals without signing authority  are more likely to reveal who the correct decision maker is earlier in  the process if they themselves are nominated electronically.

Finally, it’s much easier to get everyone’s signatures when using a digital solution.

Operational Benefits

Provide a superior working experience for your team, while providing more transparency and agility to your agreement signing process

Lower Legal and Compliance Risk Misfiled, missing or  incomplete documents can lead to non compliance,  penalties or fines. Documents signed with UltriaSign  provide stronger evidence and reduce the risk of legal  disputes.

Empower a Modern, Mobile Workforce Whether  they’re in the field or at their desk, there’s one way  you can always reach someone: Their phone. An  electronic signature tool with a mobile app can greatly  increase the follow up rate of your workforce and  enable reps to respond dynamically to deals in play –  such as when a prospect opens a document for the first time.

Increase Team Productivity With UltriaSign your work  force saves time lost in manual tasks like filing  documents, rekeying data, searching for lost documents  or tracking down an agreement that’s been lost in the  mail.

Deliver Agility UltriaSign documents are in the cloud and can be updated from anywhere at anytime. From research across thousands of users, 50% of all  successful contracts are signed with the first day and  40% of them within the first hour.

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