Integrate Salesforce CRM with Ultria CLM

Close deals faster with Ultria Managed App for Salesforce

Salesforce CM overview

Ultria’s enterprise contract management software makes managing customer contracts easy and efficient for sales teams. It integrates its CLM platform with Salesforce, the world’s number 1 CRM platform. This integration enables the sales operations teams to access the Ultria platform’s functionality from within Salesforce.

CLM integration with Salesforce – Before and After

Manually copying all the information from Salesforce opportunity to an email or request portal, led to data entry issues. A lot of time was lost in drafting emails. There was a high possibility of it being lost in communication voids.


Instantly notify the contract author without leaving the Salesforce app – all with just a few clicks

Salesforce has proved to be a boon for sales teams. It has integrated and automated processes, acting as a single platform for all Sales and related activities. Sales teams are still struggling with primitive systems that waste a lot of time and effort. These systems expose companies to the increased risk when it comes to contracts.

Using Ultria’s Salesforce App, the contract request process is now a seamless, one-touch activity. Sales activities are now simplified. Automating and streamlining the contracting authoring process becomes easier.


Place new contract requests directly from the Salesforce CRM login
Easily view and manage all contracts requests and status from within Salesforce
Pull data from Salesforce directly to your contracts – no manual data entry required
Send contract to counter-parties for redlining and signing directly from Salesforce CRM
Automate and simplify the contract creation process with wizard based forms
Be on top of all major dates, expirations, renewals and obligation management

The Salesforce Contract Management cycle


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