Integrate MS Word with Ultria Contract Management Software

Supercharge Contract Authoring & Negotiations with Ultria Connect

Seamless Contract Management Software Integration

Leverage existing user competency in Microsoft Word, along with superior version control, review approval and track changes features of Ultria contract management solution – made possible with the Ultria Connect plug-in. Work within the comforts of the MS Word ecosystem to make contract modifications and amendments – and auto-sync with Ultria CLM for advanced contract automation and insights.

CLM integration with MS Word – Before and After


 Hours lost in working on multiple systems, for redundant activities including contract request validation, tracking changes between contracting parties and review management


Check-in / Check-out contracts from MS Word, providing you enhanced insights and information on contract edits and amendments, with easy to use meta-data highlight, clause insights and more

Microsoft Word has been the main stay application for Contract Authoring and negotiations. The comfort factor that users have with MS Word is so much so that migrating to similar word processing tools itself be a huge change management exercise – let alone a contract authoring software.

Yet, there are many limitations with MS Word for a CLM user- the most important being issues related to version management, collaborative red-lining, and greater insight at the time of authoring. Ultria’s MS word plug-in bridges this very gap, with a seamless bi-directional data flow helping MS Word users to get the most out of the CLM software working in the background.


Continue authoring contracts using familiar MS Word while leveraging Ultria CLM’s superior contract management solutions
Significantly improve turnaround times from other reviewers, as well as the contracting party with workflow management
Enhanced version management features, brought into MS Word with help of Ultria CLM’s intelligent document analysis capabilities
Contract templates, with auto-populated metadata, made readily available in MS Word for creation of best first draft


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