Integrate MS Outlook with Ultria Contract Management Software

Contract Request via Email made Easy with Outlook Plug-in

Seamless Contract Management Software Integration

A water-tight integration between MS Outlook and Ultria CLM Solution ensures that teams can manage emails, manage contract requests, monitor contracting lifecycle and much more within a familiar interface. The seamless integration provides access to contract records from any linked Outlook email. Rely on familiarity of Outlook to gain rapid user acceptance, productivity superpowers and reduce training costs.

CLM integration with MS Outlook – Before and After


 Hours lost in working on multiple systems, for redundant activities including contract request validation, tracking changes between contracting parties and review management.


Check-in / Check-out contracts from MS Outlook, providing you enhanced insights and information on contract edits and amendments, with easy to use meta-data highlight, clause insights and more.

Sales and business teams swear by the simplicity yet formal nature of emails. Even with the advent of instant chat, collaborative systems and advanced video conferencing tools, emails are still the most preferred medium for any official communique. The complications arises when the email are ‘lost in communication’. Comprehending the message and using the information provided for next actions, more often than not, leads to some tasks not meeting expectations.

This is best highlighted with regards to Contract Requests, where the Sales teams sends all (supposedly) the information required for the Contract author to start, only to find that this info is not sufficient and / or erroneous leading to multiple email exchanges and reference back to notes and other systems for data verification. All this can be solved by maintaining data integrity and format between the business team’s request tool and the contract authoring hub, viz CLM software – made possible with Ultria’s MS Outlook Connect Plug-in.


Generate new contract request easily right from the comfort of the MS Outlook mail client
Avoid potentially disastrous data entry and consistency issues with intuitive forms
Improve authoring lead time through seamless meta data capture from requestors
Reduce turnaround time with both contracts and projects managed from within Oulook inboxes

The MS Outlook Contract Management Cycle


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