Use Ultria Orbit Explorer to navigate and extract key contract information across thousands of contacts with speed and precision – working as a free-standing solution or as a bolt-on to your existing contract management software.

Bulk Contracts Import

Import multiple contracts from shared network drives or cloud storage and create batches based on contract type (e.g., supplier, legal, sales) for analysis.

Convert your scanned and PDF contracts into machine readable and actionable format, if required, with OCR and Natural Language Processing.

Contract Data Extraction

Extract key clauses and metadata like effective date, renewal dates, contract value etc. using Ultria’s highly trained AI engine.

Analyze the extracted contract metadata with just a click.

Update missing key metadata on-the-go thereby training the engine for more accurate results in the future.

Normalize your contract metadata E.g., standardize different date and currency formats, renewal frequencies, etc. so that data analysis is easier.

Superior Contract Analysis

Compare contract clauses with the standard approved language.

Populate the percentage match of different aspects of clauses with approved clause language.

Summarize missing template clauses .

Extract key obligations otherwise hidden, to stay compliant.

Export contract metadata and key text in easy-to-consume formats.

With Ultria’s Orbit Explorer, In-house Legal, Sales, and Procurement functions can:

1. Analyze thousands of agreements efficiently by bulk uploading contracts.
2. Reduce organizational risks by analyzing and flagging missing contract elements and outliers.
3. Stay on top of contract renewals and milestones with extracted meta-data.
4.Drive better business outcomes by analyzing contract data.
5. Bring down manual contract analysis times from days to hours.
6. Review individual or bulk contracts quickly for faster actions.

Transform Your Contract Request Process with Ultria Orbit Explorer.

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Machine learning (ML) is an application of AI that provides systems ability to automatically learn & improve from experience

Machine Learning takes input from qualified users in the form of feedback and through software algorithms – adjusts the performance of the AI Engines to incorporate, or learn from, this feedback. ML allows “citizen scientists” rather than data scientists to adjust the behavior of Artificial Intelligence programs.

Semantic analysis helps cluster similar articles by comprehending the connection between different content and simplifies interpretation by disregarding low-value text content. The semantic analysis helps derive meaning from content.

NLP is the ability of software to identify a human’s approach to text and interpret it

While everyday communications are usually comprised of commonly understood language, contracts, on the other hand, follow a different model. For instance, a contract between enterprises in different countries dealing with advanced surveillance hardware would probably require very particular and very uncommon language.

NLP can be applied when a contract is drafted. It can also be used on existing documents to analyze and categorize attributes. NLP considers the context of the attribute by the language of a contract document, increasing accuracy.

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