Ultria Orbit Protector is a versatile tool that extends your contract management software capabilities for managing contract risk, highlighting risky clauses, identifying new risks, and resolving complexities of rapidly shifting regulatory policies.

Risk Model Management

Create different risk models to review, analyze, and mitigate your direct as well as indirect risks.

Track risks across supplier and customer contracts for different issues such as:, Warranty Evaluation, Terms Evaluation, Revenue Recognition compliance, Third-party Risks, Force Majeure, and more.

Stay ahead of your organizations needs: configure flexible models with simple user inputs to define new risk factors.

Bulk Contracts Import

Import multiple contracts from shared drives or cloud storage, and create batches based on contract type (e.g., supplier, legal, customer) for risk analysis.

Convert your scanned and PDF contracts into machine readable and actionable format, if required, with OCR.

Risk Analysis and Mitigation

Identify and extract the contract clauses related to risk factors and risk models.

Prioritize and review contract clauses based on acceptable confidence level/risk weightage.

Review highlighted obligations, irregularities, and hidden liabilities.

Analyze key clause usage and limits around liability, damages, insurance, and indemnification.

Classify your compliant vs non-compliant contracts to identify, assess, and quantify your risks.

With Ultria’s AI Orbit Protector, in-house legal teams can:

1. Safeguard contracts while allowing teams to focus on what is important.
2. Keep commercial objectives on top of the mind.
3. Save on direct expenses related to overpayment, delayed payment, litigation, and more.
4. Improve the understanding of all contractual obligations.
5. Focus on deeper due diligence and free up time to conduct thorough audits in-house.
6. Improve service revenues with strong T&Cs compliance & track billing opportunities.
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Transform your Contract Management with Ultria Orbit Protector.

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Machine learning (ML) is an application of AI that provides systems ability to automatically learn & improve from experience

Machine Learning takes input from qualified users in the form of feedback and through software algorithms – adjusts the performance of the AI Engines to incorporate, or learn from, this feedback. ML allows “citizen scientists” rather than data scientists to adjust the behavior of Artificial Intelligence programs.

Semantic analysis helps cluster similar articles by comprehending the connection between different content and simplifies interpretation by disregarding low-value text content. The semantic analysis helps derive meaning from content.

NLP is the ability of software to identify a human’s approach to text and interpret it

While everyday communications are usually comprised of commonly understood language, contracts, on the other hand, follow a different model. For instance, a contract between enterprises in different countries dealing with advanced surveillance hardware would probably require very particular and very uncommon language.

NLP can be applied when a contract is drafted. It can also be used on existing documents to analyze and categorize attributes. NLP considers the context of the attribute by the language of a contract document, increasing accuracy.

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