Ultria CLM Solutions

Contract Post Award Analytics Software

For optimum contract utilization, compliance tracking, and risk management

Contract Post Award Analytics Software

Extract meaning from every piece of contract

Milestone Tracking, Obligation Management, Compliance Risk Mitigation

Get Going with Contracting

Pre-configured Templates. Review Workflows. Easy Version Management

Wizard-based Authoring

Quick & Easy contract creation, with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality for clauses from standard library.

Clause Library

Use comprehensive library of pre-approved clauses including alternate and fallback clause suggestions.

Contract Version Tracking

Bring improved visibility into contract redlining by comparing all versions throughout negotiation.

MS Word Plugin

Use the familiar MS Word interface and author contracts with UltriaConnect plugin.

Contract Approval Workflows

Configure clause-based review-approval workflows with parallel and ad hoc reviews.

Configurable Contract Templates

Utilize pre-approved templates or third-party paper parsing technology to standardize the contract language.

Ultria Contract Post Award Contract Software Helps Fulfil
Your Business Objectives

Strategic Goals
  • Efficient Contract Authoring
  • Internal Resource Optimization
  • Minimized Revenue Leakage
  • Compliance Management
Operational Goals
  • Performance Management
  • Expiry/Renewal Management
  • Audit Preparedness
  • Managing Supporting Documents
  • Easy & Accelerated Drafting
  • Standardized Contract Language
  • Enterprise Systems Integration
  • Enhanced CLM Productivity

Ultria Orbit

Harness AI to streamline & transform your contracts into dynamic, intuitive, and smart legal documents

  • Automate tasks
  • Recommend best next steps
  • Discover insights
  • Predict outcomes
  • Mitigate risks

Contract Repository Software

Give every role and department the information they need.

Contract Post Award Analytics Software

Know more and guess less with real-time analytics

Jumpstart Your Contracting Journey.

Discover contract management best practices that build lasting customer relationships.

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