What is Ultria Contract Management Software?

Ultria CLM is an automated contract management system that optimizes the contract journey from initiation through execution, as well as post-award. Its integrated effective contract management solution maximizes contract utilization with a shared view of every contract to all your departments — including, procurement, sales, finance, and legal teams.

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We help you exercise better control over contracts

Manage contracts at scale while reducing turnaround time, centralizing storage, mitigating risks, and maximizing return on your contract assets.

Ultria Contract Management Software

Very few businesses can maintain close control over myriad contracts and their execution. Enterprise contract management software from Ultria centralize contract storage, track compliance across multiple dimensions, and reduce contract turnaround time.

Ultria CLM introduces a collaborative culture of the contract management process. It brings together all contracting functions such as Sales, Legal, Procurement, and HR, on a common platform. It also integrates with other enterprise systems like CRM and Microsoft Office. This allows for a much smoother and scalable contracting process to achieve the maximum benefits.

Ultria can be configured to meet specific enterprise contract management objectives to influence business performance by:

Fostering collaboration at each stage of the contract lifecycle
Accelerating contracting processes and enhancing compliance across multiple legal and government regulatory systems
Enhancing stewardship, security, and continuity around important contract documents

Key Benefits of using Ultria Contract Management Software

Shortened cycle time for contract creation and execution

Higher visibility into contracts and contractual processes

Reduced errors and increased legal and revenue team’s productivity

Improved contract compliance and control over contractual obligations

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Cost benefits with faster revenue cycles

Enhanced security & collaboration across business functions

Integration of AI Powered CLM & 3rd Party Systems

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Work Smarter with Artificial Intelligence

Get more done with Orbit, the smarter and successful contract management solution. Enhance contract performance, streamline workflows, and exercise better compliance and risk management using AI across the Ultria CLM Solution.

Extend capabilities with seamless integration

Maximize business agility and allow teams to discover new opportunities and experiences with the power of integration. Meet all your business needs by bringing the entire contract information and ecosystem to a unified solution.

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