Top Features:

Ultria Contract Lifecycle Management Software

Explore the full set of essential as well as unique features of Ultria CLM

Contract Authoring

Accelerate contract authoring, negotiation and approval with necessary input from all relevant stakeholders.

Contract Repository

Maintain centralized, secured storage for all contracts, supporting documents with fast & easy search capabilities.

Contract Analytics

Define and measure key performance indicators for measuring your contractual performance across business.

No to Paperwork.

Yes to Smarter Work.

Ultria’s robust contract management solutions help enterprises boost company performance & mitigate obligation and compliance related risks through effective contract lifecycle management.


Meta Data Extraction for Authoring  |  Smart Repository  |  Contract & Clause Template Management  |  Clause Level Risk Management  |  Configurable Workflow Automation & Access Control |  Post-Award Tracking & Analytics

  • Salesforce / Outlook Integration
  • Touch-free contracts
  • Configurable request forms
  • Edit Tracking
  • External Party Portal
  • Clause-based locking
  • Pre-configured templates
  • MS Word Integration
  • Auto-version management
  • CLM-Email integration
  • e-sign capability
  • Access based controls

Get more out of your Contract Lifecycle Process

Advanced Search

Perform advanced free-text or parameter-based search to identify and track contracts. Contract hierarchy / family management ensure document integrity and security while intelligently automating document sorting, filing and workflows.

Detailed Auditing

Keeping tabs on the contract is now made easy. Realize net benefit through cost recoveries, process improvement savings, fraud prevention and detection, and identification of hidden risks – with improved contract visibility.

Legacy Update

Migrate contract PDFs as well as images into machine readable DocX files. Standalone as well as integrated into Ultria CLM, full stack for contract migration– simplifies deployment and supports phased growth through rapid adoption.

Post-award Contract Management Made Easy

Milestones & Obligations

Facilitate tracking and enforcement of entitlements, penalty clauses, industry regulations as well as other compliance-related requirements to closely measure contract performance and address compliance risks.

Reminders & Notifications

Ensure efficient management of contract expiry and renewals with configurable alerts and reminders. Leverage contract management-related KPIs for a more responsive legal team that focus on value creation.

Reports & Dashboards

Create customized reports and widget-based performance dashboards to manage on-time service delivery and identify opportunities of cross-sell / upsell for growth in today’s competitive business environment.

Access & Security

Define and restrict access based controls based on multiple parameters. Amazon Web Services (AWS) secure storage provides contract encryption and single sign-on feature for safe, secure and easy access to the application.

Leverage AI to Drive Excellence at Every Stage of your Contract Lifecycle

Utilize AI based metadata extraction and identification of risky / unfavorable terms and clauses in external or third-party contracts. As a real-time governor, it provides for additional caution, suggest alternate wording/clauses, escalate to an alternate path for risk remediation.
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