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Ultria Orbit personifies Ultria’s Artificial Intelligence capabilities, helping you streamline workflows across your contract lifecycle, through timely suggestions, diagnosis and predictions, for error-free and dynamic contracts.

Automatically highlight critical contract information
Document parsing and auto-tagging for accurate clause comparison and drafting
Pre-configured, automated workflows for increased transparency and accountability
Increased pre-award compliance (smart clause library, hints, template library)
Meta data extraction for post-award compliance (milestones, metrics, smart analytics)
AI Contract Management - Ultria - Overview

“Ultria's Orbit AI does a great job of understanding the intent as well as the content of a clause. By associating the clause to one of our own, we can group and analyze contracts efficiently.”

VP Risk & Compliance, F250 Financial Services Company

Orbit Explorer

Navigate thousands of contracts with speed and precision, for real-time data analytics and insights

Intelligent search – advanced search made easy:
Advanced free text, multi-parameter search to help narrow down most relevant results

Blazing fast contract search – even at higher volumes:
Support contracts at scale (>100,000) with uncompromised speed and accuracy

Configurable analytics and insights:
Create insightful and actionable analytics, together with configurable dashboards, alerts and reports

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Orbit Protector

Identify and resolve complexities of a rapidly shifting regulatory landscape and increasing commercial compliance risks

Real-time clause parsing for instant and proactive risk identification:
Constantly evaluates clauses and other meta information to provide a risk profile, helping users to take proactive actions

Obligation and Entitlement extraction:
Calculates and identifies obligation as well as entitlements, utilizing the metadata information extracted using Orbit Guide

Template Match – risk mitigation:
Clauses are compared based on AI / NLP algorithms, and if beyond a certain risk, can be alerted for user attention, and resolution.

Internal and External Regulatory – sensitivity analysis

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How you can start using Ultria Orbit

Get AI capabilities for current CLM systems with features like intelligent clause compare, obligation management, and template match analysis.

Enhance the contract management capabilities of existing e-CMS, DMS systems with more intelligent search, meta data / clause extraction and better analytics.

Upload contracts (single or batch mode), run Ultria Orbit to extract and analyze the meta information, compare with templates

Revolutionizing Contract Management with Orbit

Embedding Artificial Intelligence into the Contract Management Lifecycle helps drive efficiencies in the process while improving the depth and breadth of information captured about the contract assets themselves.  This captured and derived contract information leads to reduced contract turnaround time, better decision making, increased visibility into contract performance and a clearer view of potential risks. An intuitive and de-cluttered user interface combined with implementation flexibility helps businesses unlock the maximum value from their contracts.

Ultria's Approach to Artificial Intelligence

For more than a decade Ultria Team members have been deploying Practical Artificial Intelligence for Information Governance for industry leading global companies. Ultria's application of practical AI to the challenge of contract management was born partially from necessity with some customers running more than a million contract line items through their operational systems every year, others seeking support in supply chain risk analysis or M&A evaluation of customer orders.

Coupled with an increasingly challenging regulatory environment and dynamic geopolitical realignments, the time for automating high quality metadata extraction, consistent clause match , and risk weighting, the time was right for the creation of a separate AI component that would be both fully interlinked with pour CLM solution and separable for those organizations whose near term path did not include a Contract Lifecycle Management solution. Ultria Orbit provides you strategic implementation flexibility. Orbit is built to work not just alongside Ultria CLM, but seamlessly connect with any existing Contract Management or Document Management System.

See how you can be more productive across authoring, risks, contract performance and beyond

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