Princeton, New Jersey, February 27th:  The industry’s largest full truckload company, chose Ultria to automate and centralize its end-to-end contract management processes, across global operations. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, our customer offers a full complement of truckload and logistics services throughout the US, Mexico, and Canada, operating with an extensive fleet of roughly 23,000 tractors, 77,000 trailers, and employing 28,000 people.

Our customer provides transport services to thousands of customers and is fast multiplying post the merger. With the growth in business and an increase in the scale and complexities of contracts, the company had concerns about its manual, disintegrated contract management processes. Doubling the contract throughput required more than just a cloud-based Document Management System (DMS). Constant back and forth of documents and spreadsheets on email, lack of centralized repository, incomplete information from requesters, third-party paper contracts and lack of integration between the different enterprise systems are just some of the challenges it was looking to address.

The customer wanted to overhaul its outdated CLM processes and implement a centralized, automated solution with seamless ERP and CRM integrations for real-time visibility, increased accountability and ease of tracking, across departments. As most of its contracts are third party contracts it was looking for a solution that could automate and streamline the authoring and reviewing process while minimizing errors and omissions.

Ultria’s end-to-end Artificial Intelligence driven contract management solution offered the right mix of technological advancements and experience, having successfully implemented advanced solutions across sectors. We analysed our customer’s problems, identified its requirements and offered a tailor-made, state-of-the-art scalable solution to take its contract management operations beyond the edge of enterprise.

Arthur Raguette, EVP Ultria said, ‘’We are thrilled to partner with this industry giant and are looking forward to implementing a digitally transformative, advanced and fool-proof solution to re-imagine its contract management. With our next-gen, integrated CLM software, we aid global organizations like our customer’s bridge the gap between all internal and external customers by improving their processes, and enable them to grow, increase their global footprint, and serve their customers better.’’

About Ultria: Ultria CLM, copyrighted by Ultria, develops and licenses Contract Lifecycle Management solutions for enterprise Legal and Sales departments. Ultria CLM is a proven, scalable, SaaS-deployed Contract Lifecycle Management system that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to be robustly and rapidly provisioned in today’s complex business landscapes. For information on Ultria, visit

About the customer: The industry’s largest full truckload company; operating with an extensive fleet of roughly 23,000 tractors, 77,000 trailers, and employing 28,000 people. It serves a wide range of customers in a broad array of industries. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, our customer provides the full complement of truckload and logistics services throughout the US, Mexico and Canada.

Rachel Hill

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Rachel is a social media strategist and a contract management evangelist at Ultria. As a firm believer in the enterprise-wide benefits of advanced contract management technology, she leads to awareness and educational initiatives in the area of contract lifecycle management transformation.

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