The importance of contracts for any organization can never be understated, especially in an increasingly uncertain business landscape. With flexibility and scalability now regarded as ‘need-to-have’ requirements in addition to accuracy and speed, Contract Management leaders have started to realize the value in investing in bleeding-edge technological solutions that consolidate, create, negotiate, and integrate with other systems seamlessly and efficiently.

Ultria, being one of the leading providers in the AI-powered CLM space, has been interviewed by Forrester’s Now Tech – Contract Lifecycle Management, 2020 report. This opportunity further affirms Ultria’s vision to consistently deliver market-leading contract management solutions, powered by Artificial Intelligence. Ultria has been specifically noted for its enterprise-grade Contract Analytics capabilities, with AI  technologies playing a key role in proactive risk identification, clause analysis, and obligation management. The contract analytics play an important role from contract authoring right up to post-award contract management, inducing performance management. With revenue resiliency and cost savings being at the forefront of organizational objectives of 2020, Ultria’s AI-enabled engine, ORBIT, provides a quick and easy approach to implement deeper automation.

The platform’s advanced contract analytics and risk identification capabilities that help to:

Identify and address the contractual obligations and entitlements beyond the obvious

Determine the most appropriate contract risk mitigation strategies

Prioritize contracts and re-negotiate clauses and terms based on its business impact

Ensure revenue resilience and supply chain agility

Ultria’s AI personas ORBIT EXPLORER and ORBIT PROTECTOR streamline your contracts to provide:

Intelligent and Advanced search by navigating and analyzing thousands of contracts in a handful of clicks, and extracting metadata for real-time analysis

A speedy review process that automatically identifies and maps major clauses to perform deviation analysis defined standards across native and 3rd party contracts

Powerful insights and trends that map trends in key metadata elements, and provide insights and intuitive visualization on all performance KPIs with a customizable dashboard

Forrester’ s Now Tech: Contract Lifecycle Management report will help organizations to:

Improve contracts and contracting with CLM beyond creating, negotiating, and consolidating

Select Vendors based on size, functionality, geographical presence, and vertical market focus

Align individual Vendor Solution to your organizations’ and stakeholders’ needs

Ultria 's enterprise SaaS software is used by some of the world’s largest companies to help manage contracts at a large scale through Artificial Intelligence.

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