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Why contracts matter for high growth companies? 

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    About the webinar

    High-growth companies focus on market expansion, acquisitions, fast-paced deals, & innovation. It means provision for an accelerated contract management for your legal and business’s growth functions. While technology holds great promise, many companies fail to plan and prepare accordingly. In this webinar, our speakers will discuss the importance of CLM and the use of contract lifecycle management (CLM) technology to support a company’s growth trajectory.

    In this webinar, you will learn how:

    1. CLM is an invaluable intelligence for the leadership team, helping drive better financial reporting, compliance and risk mitigation, privacy laws, acquisitions, and company valuations.
    2. As a CXO you can lead your organization’s legal transformation journey, with a streamlined and automated contract management system.
    3. You can successfully evaluate, select and adopt an enterprise CLM, accelerating your organization’s growth charter.


    Jay Fielding

    Jay leads the enterprise consulting team in North America for Ultria. With over 30 years of experience, Jay is considered a trusted advisor by our clients. He has helped many prospect organizations digitally transform legal technology for Contracts. Through our numerous customer education programs, Jay evangelizes the power of AI-driven enterprise contract management solutions which create a more collaborative culture that brings together all functions such as Legal, Sales, and Procurement on a common platform. 

    Deepesh Ultria

    Deepesh Karnatak

    Deepesh has 10 years of experience in enterprise consulting, helping client organizations implement digital transformation initiatives like CLM. As a strategic advisor, he has delivered complex, RoI focused engagements. As part of our customer education program, Deepesh has conducted several sessions educating legal teams about the power of CLM and its strategic impact. 

    In this webinar, you can learn how your peers and industry leaders have used CLM as an effective cost optimization tool, creating legal tech transformation.



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