Webinar: A Contract Odyssey – Part 2: From Sign-Off to Renewal

After walking you through a contract’s journey from request to sign-off in the first installment of this series, this webinar by Arthur Raguette, EVP at Ultria, takes you to the second phase of that journey—from sign-off to renewal.

What happens after a contract is signed? In most organizations, it is simply stored away (electronically or as printout). There is no concrete system of tracking contract utilization, obligations, or expiries, leading to missed cost savings, flouting of regulatory norms, and so on.

Modern technology helps streamline and standardize the entire post-sign off contract management process. It ensures efficient management of obligations, expiries and renewals; helps identify opportunities for savings, cross-sell, and up-sell; and so much more.

Access this webinar to learn about:

  • The impact of using manual / outdated post-execution contract management methods
  • How technology streamlines and accelerates each stage of this entire process
  • Business benefits of automating post-execution contract management

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