My Story, My Ultria


Hear from Ultrians – in their own words.

My Story, My Ultria #2 :

Rupali Banerjee, Associate UI Developer

When I joined Ultria, I was elated, and earnestly began to work on solving bugs and issues which were assigned to me. Then, tragedy struck – I met with an accident and had to stay away from work. In between, I got a lot of calls from my colleagues to check on me that how am I doing, or if I need anything.
When I rejoined back, a strange situation hit me. I got to know that I made a blunder in solving the bugs which were assigned to me and due to which we had to revert the entire change which team worked on tirelessly.
It came as a huge blow to my confidence. Though no one blamed me for the same, I felt singularly responsible for the debacle.
This had an obvious impact on my ability to focus on current work to such an extent that I began to second-guess myself, whether I had made the right career choice or not.
I took this up to my team leader, fearing the worst.
After all, I had goofed up the assignment. He patiently heard me and discussed my situation with his manager.
What happened after this took me by surprise, which is also the reason I have such a level of respect for Ultria and the people that make up this great organization. I expected to be sidelined, but instead, they entrusted me with the responsibility to mentor and train the new employees. For someone with my experience, this came totally out of the blue.
The initial days were a huge learning curve for me, especially with regard to management and prioritization. But then I quickly got hold of things and even began to enjoy the whole process.
When my lead had asked me to take up this responsibility, I was asking myself “Why me?” Later it dawned: my mentor saw through the mistakes I had made, and the effort I took to rectify and learn from them. He told me that I was the ideal candidate to teach the new folks – being through this journey myself and having came out of it stronger.
Mistakes are part and parcel of growing up and can happen to anyone. What makes the difference is how you approach your past mistakes– how you learn and grow from them, and ensure not to repeat the same.
And along the way, if we get amazing colleagues and mentors, there is nothing better like it. I have met friends for life here and love the support as well as camaraderie. I would not want it any other way!

Rupali Banerjee

Associate Ui developer