Upcoming Webinar: Taking Contract Management to the Edge of the Enterprise

Major business functions negotiate commercial details long before getting the words (and numbers!) down on paper. CLM can be integrated with existing systems to introduce it to non-legal functions. Whether it’s a new employee contract for HR, a sales contract by Sales, or an order by Procurement, using CLM (in conjunction with their existing systems) will make the process simpler and error-free, while minimizing wasted time and resources. It would also help in better obligation management and performance tracking as contract owners (along with legal) get a better handle on contracts at all stages.


This webinar will focus on contemporary strategies and the realized benefits of automating the “flipping” process from proposal or order to contract. This capability, commonly required for sales proposals and procurement orders, also extends to other business areas, like HR and Intellectual Property.


Register for the webinar to learn –

  • How CLM can work as the enterprise contract clearing house for legal as well as non-legal functions
  • How CLM can integrate with other software such as ERP, HRMS etc.
  • How Contract Management can benefit non-legal functions
  • The benefits of taking Contracting to the edge of the enterprise


Join us at this webinar co-hosted with IACCM to find out how straight forward this process can be.

Details of the webinar –

Title – ‘Taking Contract Management to the Edge of the Enterprise’

Date & Time – Tuesday, 28th March 2017, 11 AM ET

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