Very few businesses are able to maintain close control over myriad contracts and their execution. Contract Lifecycle Management software from Ultria centralizes contract storage, tracks compliance across multiple dimensions and reduces creation cycle time.

Ultria can be configured to meet specific enterprise objectives to influence business performance through:


Contracts are the centerpieces of modern trade and correctly authoring, executing, and managing them is critical. Missteps in any of these dimensions can lead to underutilization of contracts with:

  • clock-1Lack of granular visibility into contracts
  • commandReduced control over contractual obligations
  • tabs Longer timelines for contract creation and execution
  • exclamation-mark-inside-a-circle Lack of collaboration among business functions



Ultria CLM’s smart contract repository enables:

  • Access ControlsUser-defined access controls
  • SearchPowerful multi-parameter and free text search
  • DashboardDynamic reporting and configurable dashboards
  • AlertsAlerts and reminders to track renewals and obligations


Ultria CLM simplifies writing and negotiating complex contracts with:

  • tabsTemplate libraries and wizard-driven contract authoring
  • Version ComparisonAudit trail, version management and version comparisons during negotiation
  • Clause LibraryClause libraries with preapproved clauses for standardizing contract language
  • Approval WorkflowFlexible approval workflow


  • Contract CreationOptimize Contract creation & execution
  • Accelerate RevenueAccelerate the Revenue Cycle
  • Increase Productivity Increase Legal & Sales Productivity
  • Ensure ComplianceDrive Contract Compliance

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