Rundown of Our Latest Webinar – ‘A Contract Odyssey—From Request to Sign-off’

Thanks to all the attendees for your active participation during our latest interactive webinar, ‘A Contract Odyssey—From Request to Sign-off’. For those of you who missed it, here’s a quick rundown.

The webinar, presented by Arthur Raguette (Co-founder, Ultria), provided a walk-through of a contract’s lifecycle from request to sign-off—how in most organizations, this journey is riddled with ambiguity and errors and consumes massive amounts of time and effort.

Arthur explained how modern contract management technology helps streamline and standardize the entire contract creation process by ensuring easy drafting, necessary inputs from all stakeholders, quick reviews and approvals, and so much more. This results in enhanced productivity of contracting functions, increased compliance, and an overall smooth, timely, error-free, and optimized contract creation.

The webinar focused on the following:

  • The impact of using manual / outdated pre-execution contract management methods
  • How technology streamlines and accelerates each stage of this entire process
  • Business benefits of automating pre-execution contract management

Here is the link to access the recording and the presentation file.

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Author Stuti Mehrotra

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