A Rundown of Our Latest Webinar co-hosted with IACCM – ‘Taking Contract Management to the Edge of the Enterprise’

Last week, Ultria hosted its latest webcast – ‘Taking Contract Management to the Edge of the Enterprise’ – in partnership with IACCM. The event was followed by an interactive Q&A session with the attendees.

This webinar focused on contemporary strategies and the benefits of automating the “flipping” process from proposal or order to contract. The event was a chance for Arthur Raguette, EVP, Ultria and Tim Cummins, CEO, IACCM to discuss –

  • How CLM can work as the enterprise contract clearing house for legal as well as non-legal functions
  • How CLM can integrate with other software such as ERP, HRMS etc.
  • How Contract Management can benefit non-legal functions
  • The benefits of taking Contracting to the edge of the enterprise

Screenshot from the webinar
If you were not able to make it to the event, here’s the link to access the presentation. Alternatively, you can watch the recording of the complete webinar on our YouTube channel here.

Connect with us (info@ultria.com) and get your Contract Lifecycle Management questions answered.

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