Raising the Curtains!

Hello and welcome to the new Ultria blog – your new destination for all things CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management)!

But do we really need another blog on contract management, you may ask? The idea to launch this is based on our discussions and interactions during this year’s ACC Annual Meeting held in San Francisco between October 16-19.

It was our first time at ACC and we received an unprecedented response from the attendees. We met several professionals from varied job profiles and each person came with their own challenges and requirements, looking for a solution. However, something that everyone seemed to want was a place where they could get information about and discuss not just CLM, but also its future.

During our flight back home, we churned this feedback and decided to launch this blog. We started Ultria to solve the challenges being faced by our customers in the field of creating, enforcing, and managing contracts. This blog is one more step towards that goal.

We hope to use this format not just to share our best practices, but also try and throw some light on the fast developing, growing, and changing field of contract management. We will attempt to keep this both current and interactive with readers and welcome comments, questions, discussions and even moderate disagreements. To stay up to date with the latest in CLM, please sign up for our blog to receive every post right in your mailbox.

Just one caveat – our legal folks have asked me to remind you that we reserve the right to remove any posts that are objectionable, rude, and malicious or generally offensive to others.

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