Mitigate risks and ensure compliance

  • Hidden LiabilitiesLocate Hidden Liabilities
    With greater visibility into contracts, identify hidden liabilities that have the potential to negatively affect the organization.
  • Enforce ObligationsEnforce Obligations
    Contracts carry different kinds of obligations, for you as well as for the other party. Ultria’s Contract Lifecycle Management helps you track obligations from both parties so you can manage enforcement.
  • Ensure ComplianceMitigate Risk and Ensure Compliance
    Pre-approved templates and clauses in the repository help author error-free contracts. Further minimizing business and legal risks due to miscommunication and misalignment.


Don’t worry about contract bottlenecks. Speed up your sales.

  • AutomatiionAutomate Contracts
    Do not miss your revenue goals because of bottlenecks in your legal department. Ensure quicker generation of contracts with pre-approved contract templates.
  • Better Customer InsightsProvide Better Customer Insight
    With the granular view of customer meta data in the contract repository, Ultria CLM provides insights help understand the behavior of existing customers to and hone approaches for new prospects.
  • Accelerated Sales CycleAccelerate Sales Cycle
    Ultria’s Contract Lifecycle Management tool guides contracts through a well-defined approval workflow, cutting down on the required cycle time. This means quicker contract signing, shorter sales cycle, and more satisfied customers.


Implement Fast. Drive Adoption.

  • Integrate with systemsIntegrate with other systems
    Irrespective of the CRM, ERP or BItools being used in the company, Ultria CLM integrates swiftly to provide end-to-end contract management.
  • Scale with businessScale with your business
    Ultria’s Contract Lifecycle Management is SaaS deployed and easily scalable.
  • Quick DeploymentDeploy easily and quickly
    Enterprise SaaS software should not take months to deploy. Ultria CLM can be up and running in a matter of weeks, improving your LoB performance.

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