5 Challenges to Post-Award Contract Management

In our previous blog post in the post-award contract management series, we explained the term and established the significance of post-award contract management processes.

Today’s post will address the core issues we often face with post-award contract management.

Enterprises deal with thousands of contracts spanning various functions like legal, sales, HR, procurement, and so on. Manually managing this many contracts and tracking post-award contract compliance becomes problematic, to say the least.

The most common challenges to effective post-award contract management faced by contract managers everyday are:


    • Tracking global contracts: Organizations doing business globally have a range of stakeholders with varying expectations and needs. This results in different currency formats, varying terms, conditions, and specific escalation/ de-escalation clauses.
    • Gaining visibility into contracts: Contracts are stored in multiple disparate systems across the organization. This leads to a lack of visibility, which in turn causes a host of issues including: financial losses due to non-compliance, missed opportunities for revenue capture, and limiting the ability to minimize lost savings.
    • Measuring contract performance: Organizations must develop mechanisms to manage and measure performance continuously throughout a contract’s lifecycle. They need to define quantifiable targets (revenue growth, overall corporate risk, value for money, etc.) and have the means to track underperformance to install corrective measures.
    • Stakeholder Alignment: Amending contract terms and conditions is difficult without a common interface for collaboration among stakeholders.
    • Managing Renewals and Expiries: A common collaboration platform enables thorough review of auto-renewable contracts, which otherwise might renew without any re-evaluation or renegotiation based on contract performance.


The next and final blog post in this series will focus on the ways in which these challenges can be successfully addressed.

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Author Stuti Mehrotra

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