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Princeton, New Jersey, December 21st, 2017, – Ultria™ today announced that its Contract Lifecycle Management solution, Ultria CLM, will comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when it is enforced on May 25th, 2018. Arthur Raguette, EVP at Ultria, said, “We welcome the induction of GDPR across the European Union as a means to enforce stringent security for personal data. Ultria is ready for GDPR and is looking forward to helping our customers comply with it.”



Join this webinar by Arthur Raguette, EVP at Ultria, as he walks you through a contract’s journey—from request to sign-off. In most organizations, this process is riddled with ambiguity and errors, and consumes massive amounts of time and effort.Modern contract management technology helps streamline and standardize the entire contract creation process.



Contract Management is not a one-man show. Organizations must introduce a collaborative culture of contract management and bring together all contracting functions such as Sales, Legal, and HR, on a common platform. CLM tool’s integration with other enterprise systems like CRM and HRMS allows for a much smoother and scalable contracting process and even speeds up the RoI. This integration is about bringing Contract Management To the edge of the Enterprise.



PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY, October 7th, 2017: Ultria™, a leading provider of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solutions, today announced that Pinnacle Propane, LLC will be transforming their contracting process with the help of Ultria’s comprehensive CLM solution.



PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY, October 9th, 2017: Ultria™ will be showcasing its automated Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution during the ACC (Association of Corporate Counsel) Annual Meeting 2017, in Washington DC, from October 15-18.  At booth #148, legal professionals and corporate counsels can have a look at Ultria CLM which helps enterprises cut down their contract creation time and derive greater value from existing contracts.



PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY, October 9th, 2017: Ultria™ will be attending the IACCM (International Association for Contract and Commercial Management) Americas Conference 2017, from October 11-13, in Toronto. At booth #14, the attendees can have a look at Ultria’s automated contract lifecycle management solution—Ultria CLM—which helps enterprises cut down their contract creation time and derive greater value from existing contracts.



Recent innovations in the world of CLM have paved the way for new and exciting opportunities. The companies deploying CLM solutions not only enjoy a simpler and highly efficient contract management process, but are also able to generate great savings. This webinar addresses how investing in contract management technology helps enterprises demonstrate a rewarding return on investment and describes how to build a business case for CLM.



Operational challenges often stand in the way of achieving strategic goals of a contracting process. A CLM solution supports strategic goals by optimizing the delivery of operational objectives. This webinar sheds light on the disconnect between strategy and operations and focuses on the key strategic goals of contracting, the operational objectives associated with these goals, and the CLM capabilities which support the attainment of these goals and objectives. It also talks about the futuristic capabilities of CLMs which have the potential to revolutionize the entire contract management process.



Modern CLM tools offer capabilities which extend far beyond just serving as a central repository or providing analytic reports.
Their authoring, negotiation, and optimization capabilities have the power to standardize and streamline your entire contracting process. However, the increased digitization of the Contract Management Process heightens the conflict between Strategy and Operations in the contract management community.
This webcast will address combining the best approaches of Strategic direction and Operational necessity for contract management, with a focus on leveraging Artificial Intelligence to ease the pain of adoption and increase long term value through multiple lenses.



Princeton, NJ – May 25, 2017 – (, a leading provider of AI based Contract Lifecycle Management solutions, announced today that it has made its products available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Using AWS will ensure higher availability and scalability for Ultria’s global customer base.
Arthur Raguette, EVP, Ultria, said “Amazon has consistently been a leader in the SaaS hosting space and having our product on AWS will ensure greater performance and security for our customers…



Ultria is co-hosting a webinar with the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), titled – ‘Post Award Contract Management – Role of the contemporary CLM’.

Register for the webinar to interact with Mr. Arthur Raguette, EVP, Ultria as he discusses:

  • Register for the webinar to find out:
  • How contracts can continue to provide insights after they are signed
  • The benefits of closely monitoring contract performance



Ultria has teamed up with the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM) to organize a webinar – ‘Taking Contract Management to the Edge of the Enterprise’.
Register for the webinar to interact with Mr. Arthur Raguette, EVP, Ultria as he discusses:

  • Why CLM is not just a legal software
  • How CLM can integrate with other software such as ERP, HRMS etc.
  • How CLM can benefit non-legal functions
  • The benefits of taking CLM to the edge of the enterprise


Levelling the Playing Field – Intelligent Parsing of 3rd Party Contracts


Ultria has come together with Association of Corporate Counsels (ACC) to organize a web event – WEBINAR TITLE. In the webinar, Mr. Arthur Raguette, EVP, Ultria would discuss:

  • Common problems faced by companies in authoring their own contracts
  • The added difficulty of utilizing and dealing with externally drafted contracts
  • How automated contract lifecycle management can help manage 3rd party contracts and derive greater value from them

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