Gearing up for our 1st Online Event

Next month, Ultria will host its first webcast – ‘Limiting Liabilities, Mitigating Risks with Automated Contract Management’. In our webinar, Arthur Raguette, a vice president here at Ultria will be discussing how to minimize risks and ensure optimal utilization of your contracts.

The agenda for the event includes the following topics –

  • How automated contract management is becoming increasingly important for enterprises
  • How contractual risks can negatively affect global organizations
  • How traditional authoring, storage, and management of contracts may prove to increase risk
  • How automated contract lifecycle management can help enterprises mitigate their financial and legal risks

The event would be followed by an interactive Q&A session with the attendees. This informative and interactive session will provide plenty of food-for-thought over the upcoming holiday season.

You can register for the event here to improve your company’s contracting performance.

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