Day 3 @ ACC Annual Meeting 2017

Day 3 (Final Day) update. Okay so really its day 4 but who counts the receptions? Super summaries for optimizing legal operations through increased leverage of appropriate technology. Embedded Artificial Intelligence and Smart contracts are complementary to the profession, not replacements. Great to be associated with this forward thinking group, and I think Contract Lifecycle Management is a powerful lever for in-house counsel to streamline a steady state business critical function.

Day 2 @ ACC Annual Meeting 2017

Great insights on SaaS Contract requirements from experts at Xerox and Symantec today. Visit Ultria at booth 148 for a demo before the end of the ACC Americas Annual Meeting.

Day 1 @ ACC Annual Meeting 2017

Great first day at Association of Corporate Counsel Annual Meeting in Washington. Hot topic at Ultria's booth - Artificial Intelligence enabled Contract Management!

Day 3 @ IACCM Americas Conference 2017

Great Take-aways from the 2017 IACCM Americas event in Toronto - Fantastic inspirations from the winning Future Leaders team - Future Technology of Contracting to encompass Artificial Intelligence, Simple UI / UX, Intuitive process and in-depth analytics. The future (and @Ultria ) is already here!

Day 2 @ IACCM Americas Conference 2017

"The whiskey is strong, but the meat is rotten"... This morning's session on Artificial Intelligence at IACCM America's - Toronto reminded us all of how far AI has come - from the days of room sized computers translating Russian (and poorly by some measure) to today's near perfect real-time translation on smart phones. The future of AI to improve and streamline the contracting process is about complementing human knowledge and judgement not replacing it. And for those of you scratching...

Day 1 @ IACCM Americas Conference 2017

Greetings from IACCM Americas in Toronto! Our first full day at IACCM Toronto and ULTRIA Contract Lifecycle Management interest continues unabated with emphasis on artificial intelligence enabled self-service portals and post award compliance management. Companies from manufacturing to management consulting are exploring increased value creation through full life-cycle management. See you at the reception!

Realizing ROI from Contract Management Technologies

Recent innovations in the world of CLM have paved the way for new and exciting opportunities. The companies deploying CLM solutions not only enjoy a simpler and highly efficient contract management process, but are also able to generate great savings. While there is no doubt about the many benefits implementing a CLM solution brings, quantifying its returns is the tricky part. A CLM’s ROI can be determined based on parameters such as: Reduction in legal employee costs Prevention of financial...

Following the Right Path

Workflow and approval routing is an often-overlooked core requirement for Contract Lifecycle Management. Proper configuration can mean the difference between improving turnaround time and burying bottlenecks inside a black box.  The trick to minimizing turnaround time is optimizing workflow usage. A few tips / tricks: Limit the number of workflow participants: Avoid including an unnecessarily large number of reviewers / approvers in the workflows. Provide for parallel reviews: Provide for parallel review processes (e.g. Health and Safety, Environmental Impact, Regulatory Affairs,...

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